Sponsor seminars are delivered at a closed venue in the Annex Hall, and are an excellent chance to give in-depth presentations of your company's products and technologies to visitors at the exhibition.


A private seminar at a closed venue in the Annex Hall, with lunch provided for attendees.


Sponsor Seminar delivered online


Delivered on a stage inside the exhibition hall, these presentations can attract a large number of diverse visitors.

660,000 JPY

1,320,000 JPY

Inquiry to Secretariat

Regarding presentation fee, look at Exhibitor information

Exhibitor Information
Venue Annex Hall Annex Hall Online Open Stage
in Exhibition Hall
Minutes per Session 60 min. 60 min. Contact us 30 min.
Seminar Capacity 120 people 120 people Contact us 50 people
Pre-Registration Required Required Required not Required
Attendees' data
is provided
Note       Presentation date and time is on a first-come, first-served basis

Seminars and Presentations at BioJapan, Regenerative Medicine Japan and healthTECH JAPAN are offered to exhibitors only (companies and organizations with exhibition booths).

However, non-exhibitors may also apply to give a Seminar or Presentation on the condition that their total participation fee surpasses 1,000,000 JPY (tax excl.), including the fees for the Seminar or Presentation they wish to apply for.